Friday, July 15, 2011

Isle of Capri

View from my balcony
The Isle of Capri  is an incredibly picturesque island off the Amalfi coast and definitely worth a visit - but my advice is, don't just come here as a day trip, you need to stay a few nights as the true beauty of this island is captured in the evening when the thrones of day trippers have left and tranquility descends upon the island.  
One doesn't even need to do a great deal here, just stroll the streets, swim in the crystal blue waters off the rocky outcrops, have a leisurely lunch, and do some of the wonderful hikes over the island. The bougainvillea, oleanders and petunias that cover the island are magnificent and add a vibrancy that I find captivating. 

I took this photo of a superb flowering bougainvillea that covered an entire building - the intensity of colour is amazing and certainly gives this building a wonderful appeal! (The architecture of the building is rather ordinary but this makes a huge difference)