Monday, August 13, 2012

Street Performers give a city "soul"

I love street performers and truly believe that the theatre of street art gives a city "soul". These creative people who play an instrument, act, draw on the pavement or statue-like in imaginative costumes, catch you unaware, give depth and dimension to a city. I have seen many of them across many different countries and am thrilled when I happen upon them as I wander around a city. They entertain children and adults alike. It is thus important that we support these people by giving them a reasonable amount of loose change we have, for if we don't support them, then they won't be there and we will all loose out.

So please, when you travel, or even at home, and happen to come upon a street performer, smile widely, watch their act and give them some money - there is no doubt they will definitely brighten your day!