Sunday, May 27, 2012

Porte Vanves Market Paris

Now back in Australia for a short while, I am posting a piece I wrote on the Porte Vanves market in Paris when we visited there in February this year.

Porte Vanves is very pleasant weekend market worth visiting for a stroll in the sun on a sunny day in Paris. The vendors unload truck loads of treasure (and trash, as there is definitely both) each Saturday and Sunday about 7am and pack up and leave by 1pm. There is an array of items faded from their original glory - tarnished silver, old photos, frames, but if you fossick through the various stalls you have every chance of finding something to delight you. It is worthwhile arriving early (harder to do when the temperature is below freezing like our visit in February this year) but there is no doubt the best items do go first. The area is a not particularly attractive but the market ambience is alive as tourists and locals alike hunt for a treat. I did spy some fabulous Regency style bronze wall mounted sconces, (very heavy bronze and nice fine detail) which would look fabulous somewhere, but had no real need for them so didn't try to bargain the vendor down from his (too high) price. I took a photo to remind myself of the 'one that got away' though - needless to say better on my pocket also. My husband, L did however buy some lovely wall lights for his office - he has surprisingly taken very well to this market hunting - particularly for someone who aligns shopping to a dental visit!