Tuesday, March 5, 2013

La Mamounia & being a 'scarfaholic'

I think I am becoming a 'scarfaholic' - do you think there is a word? One of my favourite areas of fashion has always been accessories as I adore the creativity accessories allow, plus I particularly love how they can elevate the ordinary to extraordinary. With regular travel, and sometimes being limited to only a few outfits for several weeks, accessories stop me being bored with my fashion choices. Purchasing a scarf when you travel is usually inexpensive, light weight and if you scour local markets like I love, then you can discover handcrafted versions that express individuality and become a gorgeous travel memory. However, my mantra is they must have a sense of fun and make me smile. So today I was in Zara (not a local market but hey I was passing it!), and bought this fabulously soft animal print scarf that  my very beautiful friend Sophia bought and is wearing in this photo below - I don't have her exuberant youth or award winning smile, but am still delighted with my scarf purchase! On the day I took this photo last week, we all had the most fabulous few hours chatting over several (too many) wines in the spectacular garden of the La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech - our excuse for the extended wine time is we were waiting for La Mamounia guests Bill & Hillary Clinton to join us in the garden for a drink - or perhaps Jude Law who was also staying there - clearly all missed our invitation (their loss), but despite their non appearance we had one of life's incredibly memorable days!! Thanks to Sharon, Bibi, Dianne & Sophia for the extended laughs - one for life's memory bank!