Sunday, October 23, 2011


As a Designer, I am wired to see the visual of life - be that in nature - the captivating light of sunset, and the variation of colour in autumn leaves, or in the built environment with architectural elements or clever product display/packaging. I also enjoy how a simple element such as colour, can have monumental impact. 
So I am adding some photos I have taken recently which I feet capture the 'visual' well. 

 This red & white striped shop is a butcher shop in Panzano Italy - certainly one which will not be missed, and I love how the mustard exterior of the neighbouring building compliments it.

Window display in a Roman shop - a strong visual impact to display watches by simply using coloured straws in perspex boxes

A shop selling paint powders in Venice displays them in purpose built timber boxes - the colour is a visual feast for passers by
This wisteria hanging in a private garden in Citta della Pieve Italy is magnificent

The shape of these security bars on these windows turns function into a feature

I love the architectural detail of the timber junctions and ceiling detail in this interior
The magnificently intricate Art Nouveau mosaics of Cafe Imperial in Prague. Built in 1914 it is certainly worth a coffee, wine or meal here so you can take in the beauty of the craftsmanship