Thursday, March 29, 2012

La Mamounia Hotel MARRAKECH - the most beautiful hotel ever!

The La Mamounia Hotel on the edge of the Medina in Marrakech would be the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen. We met with a staff member to discuss the possibility of running our conference there next year and were given a tour of the rooms, restaurants and pool area. 

The hotel was originally a palace given to Prince Moulay Mamoun by his father as a wedding gift and was converted into a hotel by the French in 1923. La Mamounia has won numerous awards over the past 2 years as it was closed for 3 years from 2006-2009 for a total renovation - yes, 3 whole years of full time renovation! The result is truly stunning. Every surface displays intricate handcrafted work traditional in Morocco for centuries. Zellige tiles abound, detailed carved stucco, carved, painted and inlayed wood plus beautiful marble and magnificent lighting. The traditional design individualises the hotel in the most magical way and even though it is large, all spaces feel intimate and personal. 

The Interior Designer was internationally acclaimed French designer Jacques Garcia - well known for his use of sumptuous fabrics, jewel like colours and beautiful lighting. The layering of texture, colour and craftsman ship creates an incredibly glamourous intimate space. This hotel is luxurious and gorgeous, a respite from the chaotic nature of Marrakech - breathtaking to wander around and I would imagine even more breathtaking to stay in! If you want to splurge on a holiday in a spectacular hotel, in an interesting and exciting city, this is definitely the place to go!

Each one of these mosaic tiles has been individually made and then inlayed into this water feature
This is the Italian restaurant and the design is superb - intimate and glamourous and a space where
I could happily sit for hours!
A detail of the wall in the restaurant - the silk wall panelling is finished with brass studs and inset into velvet. I am a huge advocate of multiple soft furnishings in restaurants (including carpet) as it creates an atmosphere of warmth and buffers noise - I intensely dislike noisy restaurants where you have to shout to be heard. This is a beautiful space which has been very cleverly designed - and look at the incredible detail in this fabric.
Again the spectacular zellige tiles - this time in a bedroom
A suite - magnificent intricate surfaces with gorgeous fabrics and beautiful textural variation
It's all in the detail - the lighting, the carved timber screen the beautiful marble and the magnificent hand made tiles
A Moroccan masterpiece!