Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Selling Tissues in Marrakech - a tough way to earn $

As you are probably aware from the posts I write, I truly love to travel and discover new places around the world. Travel highlights the contrasts in life, widens one's perspective and makes one more tolerant and understanding. While waiting for our local Moroccan SIM cards to be connected to data packages, I spent some time watching this young girl trying to sell her small packets of tissues to passersby. I watched her for almost 2hrs and she appeared to be by herself although she was known by the people in the surrounding shops. She seemed to have a quota of number of packets that she had to sell and eventually was able to pick up her 2 small plastic stools and wander away. Certainly a hard way to earn an income - particularly if one is only about 5 years old!!

I was told that a few years ago the King of Morocco made schooling obligatory and this has gone a long way to reducing the number of children begging and hopefully gives them a chance of better opportunities in life.