Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dali Museum ESpace, MONTMARTRE Paris

Recently I visited the Salvador Dali museum, Espace Dali, in 11 Rue Poulbot, Montmartre Paris, and it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It is a small museum and I thoroughly enjoyed the intimacy of the interaction with the works of art. Currently there is a temporary exhibition on (in conjunction with the regular exhibits) of over a hundred letters, watercolours and drawings that Dali gave to his secretary and friend Enrique Sabater, and I felt they gave a more personal account of Dali himself. His artistic curiosity and wonderfully wild imagination is quite palpable when wandering the space and listening to the audio guide. The juxtaposition of the bizarre with the everyday heightens the eccentric nature of his works shown in this museum. 

Dali with Sabater and one of his iconic Surreal clock sculptures
"Alice in Wonderland is one of Dali's favourite characters - she is the eternal girl-child who responds to the confusion of the world behind the looking glass with the naivety of childhood" Dali Espace 2012.

The museum is open 7 days per week, and the additional temporary exhibition of Enrique Sabater's personal collection of works by Dali is on until 10 May 2012, so if you find yourself in Paris in the next few months I think it is certainly worth the visit to have a close encounter with the Father of Surrealism.