Monday, February 27, 2012

Deyrolle - A Taxidermist's dream shop in Paris

There is a fabulous shop in Paris that is worth visiting because of it's bizarre and quirky nature. It is called DEYROLLE and even if you do not like taxidermy it is incredibly captivating with an amazing collection of animals, insects, shells and many other natural curiosities. It has been in existence since 1831, and feels like a museum masquerading as a shop. Situated at 46 Rue de Bac, Paris, one enters the shopfront and goes to the upper floor where the sight awaiting you looks like something from Noah's Arc. Most of the product is available for purchase and although there are not many places a life-size giraffe or polar bear would look at home, one can not help but be amazed by the depth of the collection.

These photos from
I took these photos below before I saw the signs asking that one refrains from photographing the exhibits, so they are limited. It is certainly an amazing place to spend some time, and who knows, you may even come home with a stuffed peacock to grace your living room, or perhaps a book on one instead - much easier to get through customs!