Monday, February 13, 2012

A Gorgeous Fitout for a Patisserie on RUE DU BAC Paris

I am always taken by beautiful design and when a shop selling every day products goes to exceptional effort to display their wares, I am even more delighted. This patisserie called "La Patisserie des RĂªves" at 93 Rue Du Bac in Paris's 7th is absolutely gorgeous. It uses a very clever system of weighted pulleys attached to glass domes to cover the pastries. When they want to access the delicious products below, the weighted end is drawn down to lift the glass dome. The walls are intermittently covered in pink, lime and orange perspex which acts as an upbeat backdrop to other products for sale. The end result is something that makes you smile as each item for sale is like a precious jewel. I felt like I was attending a sophisticated child's tea party out of a Lewis Carroll novel. Oh, and by the way.... the pastries are some of the best I have ever tried!