Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow in Citta della Pieve!

It has been a wild past 24hrs here. Our home is on the Umbrian Tuscan border in an area which has a reasonably temperate climate. It rarely sees snow, and if at all, only in a small way, however, the past 24hrs have seen some very unusual weather. It began snowing in the village late yesterday, and we were delighted, albeit surprised. This morning we woke to a winter wonderland, reminiscent of a European ski resort. And it didn't stop all day. School was cancelled, most non essential businesses were closed, the village children were having a delightful time throwing snow balls everywhere and the whole place had an atmosphere of a festival! It was such fun and I imagine something we will not see again for awhile. Apparently a cold front has hit Italy and many places that rarely see snow are covered. We are not sure how we will get our car out to leave tomorrow for Paris, but we will worry about that one in the morning!

The tables and chairs where we had a glass of Prosecco a few days ago
Our street!

Late this afternoon it started to clear and left the whole valley covered