Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Silverseas Cruise conference

We have been back in Australia for a few weeks after running more conferences abroad. One of the conferences we held was our first ever cruise conference. Having never been on a cruise previously, I have to admit, I was not necessarily rushing to go on one, but I was curious as to what life on board a large vessel would be like. Well, it was a truly fabulous week and both Lorenzo & I thoroughly enjoyed the experience - I admit we are now cruise converts, (what is not to love about it!) and we are looking forward to the program of future cruises conferences we have in place.

I am told we are a little spoilt because we began our cruising adventure on one of the best liners, Silverseas. Fitted with luxurious large suites, personal butlers for all cabins, beautiful food, a wonderful selection of wines & champagnes and a multitude of restaurant options, it really was a week of indulgence. We began in Istanbul which is one of my favourite cities - a true sense of east meets west is experienced across this sprawling metropolis. From here we visited Mykonos, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Santorini, Crete and finally Athens. Days were spent on shore at the various ports exploring, then the boat would normally leave around 9 or 10pm proceeding to the next port in time for a morning landing. Each day I loved waking around dawn, to throw open the curtains to view our new surroundings, a constant changing scenery. It was a lovely laconic way to travel, no rushing or stress, just the decision of whether to venture ashore in the morning or later in the day, and once back on board, the decision of which restaurant  to dine in for the evening.