Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So the list goes on ... more possible furniture and fittings items for the house. I am gathering more and more photos which allows me to consider them over a glass of wine in the space where they will be installed, and slowly I am weeding out the pieces which I feel don't work - often the reason is due to price (exceeding our budget!) or sometimes due to size.
This is a 1950's Murano Glass Chandelier with superb blue glass tear drops and it would look beautiful in our living room, but currently it is above our budget, so we will sit on the thought for awhile - perhaps the dealer will drop his price.....significantly! 
I am also concerned about the wiring on this chandelier as the dealer told us "it was working when I removed it" but he does not currently have it on ......... we would need proof before purchasing.
I am sure this will not make the cut - considerably above our budget, but lovely to admire anyway!
It is truly a delightful way to fit out  a home but one does have to be patient to discover exactly the right pieces at a price one can afford!