Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am currently in Paris for Maison & Objet - the design world trade fair which is on each January - more on this later (it has been awesome!), but a quick post about some Fiat Bambino photos I have taken recently. Many years ago, in my school days, my wonderful friend Jane used to say she would one day love to own a Fiat Bambino car, also known as a Fiat cinquecento or a Fiat 500, - at the time I didn't understand her desire - they were so small one could hardly imagine them holding any more than 1 person - (though my husband L tells me he has been in one with 5 people - this fact beguiles me!), but now, as a design addict, I realise Jane was clearly ahead of our teenage pack! The original Fiat Bambino is a design classic and when I encounter them in my travels around Europe, their  delightful shape, minute features and 'original city car' persona always make me smile! I am not sure of their safety features in comparison to today's cars (they do look particularly 'lunch box like'), but the original ones I encounter these days are usually very well preserved and always in fabulously fun colours. Today in Pairs I again photographed an original one - this time in pink, so I am posting some photos and will update when I encounter new colours down the track. So this post is for Janie, who clearly had more design kudos than the rest of us!

I saw this original Fiat 500 in Rome a few months ago - in such a happy colour!!

I photographed this Fiat 500 in Paris today - how could one have a bad day in a car like this!